Mondo's Commitment to Safety
Mondo Building & Excavating is focused on providing the safest work conditions possible. Our employees and staff will make every reasonable effort to adhere to policies for accident prevention, fire protection, and health preservation. Our goal is to provide safe working equipment and necessary personal protection for all of our employees and contractors in any working situation.

Safety Above All Else
Mondo adheres to the mantra "Safety First" on all of our jobs. It is our firm belief that practically all accidents can be prevented through common-sense precautions and collaboration between management and employees. We are a widespread company that typically has a number of jobs in progress concurrently, making a formalized safety program imperative to worker safety.
Mondo's safety program maximizes accident prevention information gathered through written reports and records to prevent accidents and injuries on the job, as well as meet applicable OSHA, State of Ohio, and other pertinent safety standards. We empower our employees to take charge of their safety, as well as the safety of those surrounding them. Effective communication is key to preventing accidents.
Proactive Safety Precautions
Our highly experienced supervisors maintain and are held accountable for the safety on each site they are leading. Proper documentation for all aspects of our safety program is developed and managed by site supervisors, including any applicable accident investigations and follow up. This information is then used to identify areas of needed safety improvement for future jobs.
Mondo understands that our most important assets are our people, and that is why we strive to keep them safe. If you have any questions about our safety policies or would like to learn more about our processes, contact us for more information.
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