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Construction Project Management in Reno, OH

Trust Mark Mondo Building & Excavating for thorough project management in Reno, OH.

While construction projects may vary in size, they are always a long and demanding process with lots of moving parts. This is why having the right project manager is important. Let us help make sure your project is completed accurately, on time and on budget. 

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Stages of Project Management With Mark Mondo Building & Excavating

As a project moves along, there are five distinct stages in which the construction management process shifts and needs evolve. The stages are as follows:

Before getting invested in a project, a construction manager needs to make sure it is feasible. In the planning stage, we will do extensive preliminary research to decide if you want to proceed.

This stage can be time-consuming. It is critical to the success of a project that everyone needs to be in agreement about the design specs. A project manager will play intermediate to make sure the client is happy and understanding of any changes.

This phase is critical to have a project manager. They will determine who to involve, figure out resources, permits, timelines, and a course of action.

Trust your project manager to have a list of suppliers and companies to help complete your project. There is no need to call around and get quotes yourself with your project manager handling that.

A project manager will make sure the construction stays on schedule and budget. Curveballs are inevitable. You have more important things to worry about in your business than the building itself. Our reliable project managers will be your eyes and ears at the site.

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Project managers are responsible for high-level coordination of the entire construction project. The project manager is there to have one point of contact. This allows you to handle your business and not worry about the day-to-day of the project. A project manager ensures the owner’s goals for the entire project are met. These goals involve communication, budget, timeline, documentation, and much more. The skills and experience of our project managers help in anticipating any issues that could lead to costly delays. We recognize that even a brief work stoppage could have serious implications for our clients. This could lead to additional project costs and lost productivity. Careful planning and close attention to every detail, we can ensure your project remains on track.

trust mark mondo building & excavating
for thorough project management in reno, oh.